Company policies

The policy of the company resulting from the overall strategic objectives, which are oriented to meet the requirements of customers, high level of quality of construction works, environmental protection and to respect principles of OSH and fire protection.

  1. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee of long-term success of the company.
  2. Every employee of the company is involved in quality assurance processes and products.
  3. Management system is maintenanced and improved within participation of all employees.
  4. Training of staff is an essential condition for prerforming of activities in accordance with the requirements of quality, environmental protection, OSH and fire protection.
  5. Observing of legislative conditions and regulations, including area of environmental protextion, OSH and fire protextion, which are related to our activities and products is a prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the company.
  6. Reducing of negative impacts to environment is a benefit of the company to future generations, especially pollution prevention, reducing of energy consumption and waste production.
  7. Observing of the principles of OSH and fire protection brings injury and helath damage protection.
  8. Subcontractors are managed so that to be maximally participating in our processes and to apply the principles of our management system with regard to quality, environmental protection and respect the principles of OSH and fire protection.

Director of the company hereby undertakes all employees to observe the principles and procedures laid down in the internal rules of the company.



In Košice, 10.2.2014


Ing. Juraj Hegyesy

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